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Beginner's Guide To Successful Home-Based Publishing: Write,
Publish, Market, & Sell Your Own “How To” Books: Share
Knowledge With Others Who Need It is an 80-page, 8½ -11,
paperback.  Everyone at some point says “I wrote the book on that!”  
Why don't you do it,
SERIOUSLY?  I asked myself that question a
while back.   Since then, I have self-published 11 titles to my credit,
enjoy what I do, and earn a decent money from my efforts.  In this
book, I tell my step-by-step methods for the follwing: selecting topic,
organizing ideas, writing for readability, editing, publishing, web page
design, advertising, selling, and financial accounting.  Writing is a
great way to earn some income with your spare time while expressing
ideas to help others about your favorite, most passionate subjects.  If
you have always wanted to get your ideas on paper, and don't mind a
few extra bucks, this is a great book to get you moving in that
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