Strength & Power Training For Sport
Coach's Guide to Sport Specific Strength Training: Increase Players'
Weight, Strength/Power, Ability Level, & Toughness With Hard
Strength Training is a 110-page, 8 ½ -11, paperback.  Strength &
Power training is a prerequisite for any coach to be succeed.  This
book describes weight training in detail with a special emphasis on
muscle gain or
SIZE.  The Olympic-style lifts are known to produce
great gains in power and athletic ability.  They are described in this
book in detail, along with correct body positioning, cues, and trouble
shooting.  This book also offers a comprehensive program for
year-round training.  Along with all that, this book includes many
different training regimes that are not well known to increase size and
strength to unheard of levels.  The knowledge presented serves as an
equalizer to the less talented team.  Coaches from any sport can use
this book to better their players'  power, strength, and/or size.
Simplified Progressive Strength Training For Sports Success: Teach
Olympic Lifting Progression & Increase Team Athleticism With
Simplified Strength/Power Program is a 122-page, 8 ½ -11,
paperback.  This book is focused on the most important aspect of
STRENGTH & POWER.  This book provides detailed,
simplified, to the point, strength/power-training program with an
emphasis on teaching Olympic lift technique and increasing strength
and power.  The Olympic lifts  produce great power when performed
correctly.  When performed incorrectly, they produce very little
power.  This book includes a 3-5 month teaching progression for
slowly including
correct Olympic lifts (power training) into your
program.  This book also goes into 'deep detail' on the Alternating 5 X
5 Strength Program.  After reading this, you will have no question on
what actions needed to 1) increase strength/power, 2) improve athletic
ability, 3) and win more in your sport.
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Olympic Weightlifting Clinic DVD:
Power Aspects of Training & Teaching Progressions.  This
video is a step by step teaching progression to teaching the
Olympic lifts for large numbers of athletes.  A brief
introduction to  understanding the lifts and power thereof is
followed by real-deal teaching.  A coach is taken through an
12-week progression in around 45 minutes.  This video may be
used to see actual teaching, actual cues, and actual
mistake/correction in real time. (70 min)
Olympic Weightlifting Training Hall DVD:
Preparation for the Olympic Trials.  This video is look into
Olympic weightlifting from the inside.  It is not an instructional
or "how to", but a "real deal" Olympic weightlifting training
video.  This video may be used to see the real-time lifts at
various visual aid for your kids.  This video gives warm-up
procedures, cues understanding, and general motivation--seeing
lifters lift hard.. (80 min)
Strength/Power Programming Clinic DVD:
The Overall Program.  This video is a step by step teaching
of the basic Strength & Power program.  "Power" is included
in the name for a reason; it is not your normal "Strength"
program.  My comprehensive program is presented with rules
for technical mastery, strength increase, accountability, and
motivation. Weight room set-up, athlete management,  
intensity increase, variations of training are all also covered in
this video. (60 min)
Athlete Testing Clinic DVD:
For Placement, Accountability, & Program Success.  This
video is a step-by-step teaching my all-level testing system.  
This testing system presents all tests by percentiles,
Strength/Power (SP) Index, Agility/Acceleration (AA) Index,
and Overall (OA) Index to quickly and easily assess team and
athlete ability level.  This system eliminates misplaced athletes.
Excel doc with instructions included with DVD. (60 min)
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