Football Defensive Books
The Read 4-4 Football Defense: Use The “Bend, Don't Break”
Principle With Sound, Gap Control Philosophy To Win On Defense
is a 106-page, 8½ -11, paperback.  This book describes the Read 4-4
Defense in detail with full chapters explaining all positions: Tackles,
Ends, Inside Linebackers, Outside Linebackers, and Secondary.  This
defense has a great potential for the underdeveloped athlete’s
success.  This is a “we'll give you 2-3 yards” defense.  This defense
forces opponents to utilize extreme discipline, sustain long drives, and
become mistake free to negotiate the field.  As a “stand alone” base
defense, it is very sound, but when paired with pressure, it truly
becomes a problem defense for any offense.  In this book, I discuss
how to install this defense, coach individual play at each level, run
blitzes/stunts, keep practice organization, deal with problem offenses,
and adjust to formation variations.
The 25/50 Simplified Multiple Front Football Defense: Use Simple
Alignment & Assignment With Sound Technique & Attack To Play
Fast & Win on Defense is a 122-page, 8 ½ -11, paperback.  Players
hesitate when they have to think too much about the following:
alignment, assignment, technique, and attack.  This defense minimizes
1) changes in those variables, 2) misalignment, and 3) missed
assignments with a simple, sound, "no-checks" scheme.  Because of
this defense's sound- simplicity, players are allowed to play nearly
thought-free and
aggressive/fast.  This book describes this defense in
detail with full chapters for all positions: Line, Linebackers, and
Secondary.  This defense is the product of my own experience mixed
with many other great coaches.
 In this book, I discuss the details of
the scheme, coverage variations, blitzes/stunts, practice organization,
and defensive adjustment to the following: Wing-T, Option,
Play-Action & Spread Passing.
The Gap-Man Pressure Football Defense: Consistently Stop The
Run, Pressure The Pass, & Win Without Superior Size, Speed,
And/Or Athletic Ability is a 108-page, 8 ½ -11, paperback.  This book
describes a defense that is a cumulative product of many other
successful defenses, including the Gap 8, 10-1, 46 Gambler, Slant-60,
and 6-5 Goal Line.  This defense has a great potential for the
underdeveloped athlete’s success.  This is a high-pressure, “all-over
you, right now”, equalizer defense.  It forces an opponent to change
blocking schemes, change blocking tactics, change play calling, and,
most importantly, change their emphasis away from the run.  In this
book, I discuss the defenses I used to develop this defense, details of
installing the defense, practice drills, organization, and problem
offenses such as the Wing-T, Spread Option, and Spread Passing.
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